Medication Management For Seniors in Pittsburgh, PA

Medication Management Services For Seniors

We serve the greater Allegheny County area.

There are two different ways to work with us, depending on your needs, either as-needed support or ongoing concierge services.

If you choose to work with us on an “as-needed” basis, we will schedule an initial consultation and provide services on an hourly basis as needed.

If you choose our “ongoing concierge services,” we will schedule regular visits, and interact with your physicians and pharmacists as needed.

“As Needed” Services

Initial Consultation (2 hours)Includes the Following

  • Home visit and assessment of home of fall risk along with emergency information gathered and posted
  • Review and recording of medical history, medications and lab values (as available)
  • Review of appropriateness of medications and medication recommendations based on diagnosis, lab values, drug interactions, side effects and necessity of medications
  • Reports provided to physicians and family members/caregivers

As Requested (1 hour; prerequisite Initial Consulting)

  • Includes updating records obtained in the initial consulting session and subsequent reports/recommendations

Ongoing Concierge Services

We have two concierge services packages, Silver and Gold, as shown below. We are also available to accompany client to physician visits upon request. Please call to discuss pricing.

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Initial two-hour consultation
  • Monthly home visit to update records and provide reports/recommendations to physicians and family members/caregivers
  • Second monthly visit
  • Phone conference availability to discuss physician visits, new medications added, and/or change of condition
  • Home visit as needed if patient has a change of condition
  • Home visit as needed for medication reconciliation if patient has been in the hospital or a nursing facility
  • Twice monthly home visit for Medication Management which may include warfarin management and/or biweekly medication “pill box”

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    What Folks are Saying

    Having a pharmacist on call has been an invaluable resource to me. Prior to hiring Kara I did not feel I was doing everything I could for my mother. Now, I feel better I am doing all I can do for my mom.

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