Medication Management For Seniors in Pittsburgh, PA

Benefits of Our Personal Pharmacist

We Come To You

Visits scheduled in your home. This allows you to have your needs evaluated, and to express your concerns in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Unlimited Access to Your Personal Pharmacist

Unlimited, direct access via e-mail or phone to speak with your pharmacist (in addition to regularly scheduled visits). This allows for communication when you need it. Moreover, as you work with only one pharmacist, she will be well acquainted with your health status.

Effective, Correct and Current Communication to All Healthcare Providers Who Care For You

Health records will be updated at each visit and upon any change in medications. We will provide you and those you designate, a copy of these records at each visit. Communication between health facilities, such as hospitals, multiple physicians and long term care can be challenging. Having a centralized location for record keeping with the ability to document visits and stays in the various health settings helps ensure communication of your correct and current health information leading to a more positive health outcome for you.

Visits Focused on You and You Alone

As visits are held in your home (versus the traditional pharmacy retail setting), our pharmacists are free to evaluate your individual medications and needs without other professional distractions. Initial consultations last two hours. Monthly visits are scheduled for one hour. This allows ample time and focus to thoroughly discuss medications, evaluate proper use of medications, provide education regarding medications, compare your health history to your current condition, and share any concerns. You will become more educated and more empowered in dealing with your health concerns.

Be Seen As a Whole Person

You will receive more detailed assessments than are traditionally given within the hurried time constraints of physician visits. These may include Fall Assessments, Pill Box Filling Assessments, Depression Screening and much more. As needed, we will make recommendations for additional support from other healthcare providers.  Proper health is about more than just diagnosis and medicines. Many factors influence Wellness. By providing assessments and referrals to other healthcare providers, when necessary, your Wellness is improved – leaving you better able to enjoy what is most important to you.

We Are Here to Serve Your Best Interests

We advocate for you and your healthcare needs. We may make calls on your behalf to the physicians, insurance companies and other healthcare providers. Additionally, we are available to accompany you on physician visits, if desired. Having a personal advocate that “speaks” the healthcare language, relieves you of the burden and anxiety of trying to navigate through unfamiliar territory. Because we understand the environment, we are able to obtain better results leading to a more positive health outcome for you.

Organize Your Pill Taking

Our Personal Pharmacist is available to help with the physical management of taking multiple medications. We will follow up on medication compliance at each visit. In addition, we are available to physically manage medication organizations and provide tools for better compliance. Ensuring you understand how to take your medication correctly and have someone watching out for you is critical to avoiding medication-related problems and allowing you to remain healthy and well.

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    What a relief to have someone knowledgeable coordinating all of Dad’s care!

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